Ez1290 pcb

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Send it to Shannon Rhoades at MicRehab, that's how. Specifically, I'm talking about the Miktek CV4. To be fair, the stock mic is good right out of the box. The mic is sturdy, the PSU is beefy, and the price is friendly — especially for independent studios without deep pockets. However, when the SPL is pushed, the capsule seems to pinch, resulting in a harsh, metallic overtone "zing" found in the upper frequencies that seem impossibly hard to dial out.

This characteristic appears to be the result of the Chinese-made capsule used in the stock CV4, which makes this a prime candidate for a mod. Shannon Rhoades might be a name that is unfamiliar to some, but he is definitely the real deal.

Shannon is the force behind MicRehab, an independent upstart specializing in modding, reskinning, and restoring mics of all brands and varieties, from vintage to modern-day models. The brothers then moved to Nashville to maintain Blackbird Studio's vast vintage mic collection. While at Blackbird, Shannon also spent four years helping to launch Miktek, where he became intimately familiar with the CV4. After leaving Miktek, Shannon took over mic managing duties from his brother at Blackbird and began his own venture, MicRehab.

Needless to say, his credentials speak volumes. So what does Shannon's mod entail? The bulk of the mod comes from replacing the stock Chinese capsule with a custom sputtered gold or nickel3 micron and in some cases 1 micron! This is what makes Shannon stand out among the rest. There are probably less than a handful of people in the country that sputter their own capsules, let alone with the degree of craftsmanship that Shannon brings.

EZ1290 Preamp PCB

I suspect there are other components of the mic that Shannon mods backplate, capacitors, etc. After receiving my CV4 back from Shannon, I was eager to get a session underway, and thankfully, my client was willing to let me have some fun with the new CV4 on a tracking session.

We recorded both electric and acoustic guitars, as well as male vocals brooding, indie-pop. Tracking electric guitars proved to be somewhat underwhelming. But let's be honest, we're here for the vocals, and man did they sound good. I mean, really good. The mod has a frequency response that stays consistent throughout the dynamic range.

It's got better quality midrange information and responds to EQ really well. Compared to the stock mic, Shannon's mod is much smoother with more body and character. The stock CV4 could be a little "bitey" in the kHz range, but the mod relieves this. Importantly, the "zing" is gone. Some describe the modded CV4 as "warm, vintage, and creamy. Shannon will tell you, that's been his mission all along.

He will chat with you about what you're after and make sure that you're happy with what you get. CV4 stock versus mod sound samples can be found on RealGearOnline. If you have questions, Shannon Rhoades is happy to answer your emails. Every once in a blue moon a deal on equipment comes along that grabs me by the neck and just says "I'm good, and I'm affordable I am a man of few microphones, I somehow get by on the kindness of friends who seem to not mind leaving their mics in my possession for months at a time.I began by accident.

I bought a job lot of electronic components off EBay, the seller claimed that all the components required to make a Neve preamp were included.

ez1290 pcb

Well, that was optimistic, I think there were about 4 capacitors and a handful of resistors that could be used, but anyway it piqued my interest. I found out the project board he was intending to use which led me to the fabulous www. You can purchase the PCBs directly from him they are not available anywhere else.

My first decision was whether to go the complete DIY route where you have to source all the parts yourself or go for one of the many kits provided by the likes of Seventh Circle Audio or JLM Audio.

You need 2 per channel, an input mic transformer and an output line transformer. Once the components were in, soldering the PCBs was a relatively straightforward task, pay attention to put things in the right place and use a heatsink on those capacitors.

Use a fine tip soldering iron especially for that rotary switch, the pins are tiny and close together and audio grade solder. Still fits and works! Building the boards was the easy bit to be honest. Once they were done the fun of trying to fit everything into a case and route the wiring began. I got a 1U rack case off EBay again, it was from a network router so needed a bit of tidying up, and I also ordered a plain aluminium front panel which I was going to attach on top of the existing front plate.

I thought it was full depth but when it arrived it was a shallow one, so stuffing all the PCBs, transformers and connectors in was going to be a challenge. I put the transformers for each channel down the sides and the PCBs in the middle. This just about worked, I had to leave space for input, output and power supply sockets too.

I wanted to make use of the input transformers multi-taps, so I could make a switchable impedance for the mic inputs. Although not strictly necessary these days as most mics are designed to work with the typical high impedance of most mic preamps, it can help when interfacing with older mics and it also offers another tonal option for a given mic.

Phantom power is introduced to the hot and cold connectors on the input XLR via 6. I left out phase and pad switches for now. I also opted not to fit the output trimmer.

ez1290 pcb

You ideally need to use a high quality pot, I think I may add this for the next build as it allows you to drive the input stages harder for more grit if you want it. The other important piece of the puzzle is the power supply. I had no choice but to locate all of this in a separate enclosure, though with careful planning you could fit all this into a larger rack unit watch out for induced mains hum from the power supply transformer.

These do the job, but I blew the first one with an accidental short circuit. Once everything is connected, you need to bias the output transistor, for this you ideally need an oscilloscope and a signal generator. Biasing is explained in the build guide and is a pretty straightforward procedure, just adjust the trimpot till you get symmetrical clipping and your done. Pushing it too far in the wrong direction can make things get very hot. I had some intermittent hum issues, I was using the case as a ground so I implemented a star grounding scheme, seems to have worked.

So here is the finished version. I know what to do next time. In the next post I will put up some examples to illustrate why I think they are worth the effort. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account.Anmelden oder registrieren. Information ausblenden.

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Ich habe ansonsten einen billigen bei reichelt gesehen, aber der macht auch nur 48kHz. Das mit dem Wandler habe ich mir schon gedacht. MountainKing Mhm das wird echt schwierig. Ok lassen wir mal den Wandler weg. Also halt doppelt so gut aber auch so um die Euro? Habe mal was vom Green preamp gelesen, leider ist wohl die Seite von dem Anbieter tot.

EZ1290 PCB

Gibt es da noch mehr? Danke Andy. Danke, der SSL klingt schonmal nicht schlecht. Nochmal zur Charakteristik des SSL. THX Andy. Sampa Also nen Gewerbe hat mein Bekannte angemeldet. Aber das sind ja mal Schweine preise alter Vater Gewerbeanmeldung braucht man meines Wissens nicht.

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Da ist auch der Neve EQ dabei was Nice ist.

ez1290 pcb

Da kann ich mich jetzt mal in Ruhe einlesen. Sind ja alle, bis auf den Neve im er Format. Wieso entwickelst Du dir so nen PreAmp nicht selbst?

HarrySH Schlumpfpeter HarrySH: Das ist eine berechtigte Frage. Hab bisher mit Audiosignalverarbeitung wenig am Hut gehabt und wollte mich erst mal in die Materie einarbeiten.

Da erschien mir der einfachste Weg mit einem Art Bausatz anzufangen. Werde mich noch ein wenig mehr einlesen und dann mal schauen welchen Weg ich einschlagen werden. Kassette bedankt sich. Und das Internet bietet geradezu eine Menge an Infos auf entsprechenden Seiten. Das ist halt ein wichtiges Kriterium bei der Auswahl von Bauteilen.

Harry: Reizt mich schon sehr, einen Preamp komplett selbst zu entwickeln. Hast du mir noch Tipps zu guten Seiten oder Fachliteratur? DschayDschay bedankt sich. Glutamatjunkie: Das ist super, vielen Dank. So, ist nun doch schon wieder einige Zeit vergangen und ich hab mich mal weiter in die Materie eingearbeitet.

Wo ich gerade aber nicht wirklich weiter komme ist bei der Suche nach Eingangstransformatoren. Habt ihr mir da ein paar Tipps? Hersteller aus Deutschland bzw. Ist das dein Ernst? Carnhill, Sowter, Jensen, Lundahl Aber ich wollte auch mal schauen ob es nicht noch welche gibt die ich bisher nicht auf dem Schirm hatte. Ne, die oben genannten sind schon top.Moderator: Joe Malone. Privacy Terms. Quick links. Transformer secondary is available on the output terminal as a floating balanced signal which can be strapped to unbalanced as well.

Build from the lowest height component to the highest. When fitting the switches just solder one leg first so the switches can be lined up in a neat row before soldering all switch legs.

I have been using the front end cut off some baby animal pcbs from which i'd previously used the amp sections as balanced line drivers. These new go-betweens are essentially the same thing, but with the connection points presented nicely.

Joe does it again! I' ve got 4 gobetweens with oep and I was thinking cloning some api or quad8 don't know if it is even possible about the q8's to join them together. So, what am I looking for aside from the original modules? Any help would be appreciated. The OEP's are tested and work ok. I have one question before attaching the new ones to the s : are the JLM14's ok or is it something missing?

ez1290 pcb

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. I get a decryption error. The Go-Between Plus Schematic works ok though. All times are UTC Contact us.Toggle navigation. Register Login. Pages: [ 1 ] 2. After a long drawn out year of plugging away at this project, putting it off over and over again. A good solid six months of research, planning, learning, reviewing, and about 60 hrs of actual work building the thing I'm pretty damned excited that it worked on the first try.

Thanks to Martin Adriaanse for taking the time to produce the boards, the BOM and build instructions, as well as answering some basic questions at the beginning. Thanks to Joe Malone at JLM audio for clearing up some issues with power transformers and correct wiring for power and GoBetweens with extra impedance switch.

Thanks to Adam Monk for help with the impedance switch wiring as well, though after listening back I couldn't really hear any difference, may not be worth the extra effort. Thanks to my buddy Rich Twyman for helping me get started with soldering basics. And extra thanks to Craig Hackl for pointing me in the right direction, teaching me how to test electronics and generally being available to BS about this stuff on a regular basis.

So far I've only tested it with a cheap Samson Q8 dynamic and a cheap MXL condenser to make sure everything works. Other than a little ground hum with the condenser in close proximity to the chassis, everything is working as expected.

It's been an fun learning experience putting it together and now I am most excited to use it in a session this weekend. Great job! Nice, compact build! Hope you get some great sounds from it! ForthMonkey Member Turkey Posts: Pretty cool! How did you make frontpanel? They sound excellent so far in all the tests I've done. Eliminated the ground hum by tightening some connections up. The whole build layout, including the front panel design was done using Adobe Illustrator.

My co-worker had to take DXF file I exported from Illustrator and close all the vectors for the water jet guys. Illustrator just doesn't export closed object vector art for manufacture for some reason. Probably available from a local sign shop or label shop with a Gerber Edge FX printer. Great job I'm doin one of these right now.

Not a really tough build, but you need a scope and a sig gen to do it Pretty excellent sounding unit. The acoustic guitar sample sounds incredibly awesome, for my taste. That compressor has got some serious mojo, sounds like I should build one after I build a couple more channels. Turns out, I haven't completely eliminated the ground hum issueWe will only ship to locations within the continental US on Reverb. For international orders, please visit our website www.

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